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I met this guy not too long ago, and right off the bat we clicked. It felt like there was some kind of connection between us, something I haven't felt with another person in such a long time. Needless to say, I'm crushing. We started talking a lot... We spent hours on the phone together, talking about everything and anything. Then one day he tells me his girlfriend broke up with him. Which i was happy about, to be honest. I heard horrible things about her, like that she was the reason he could never hang out with anyone and that she hits him and treats him like shit. And well, that night our conversation went from innocent to well, down right dirty. Next morning we made plans to hang out, and his ex calls him 'sounding apologetic'. He said he was going to go talk to her, I told him not to give in. He doesnt deserve to be treated that way. He told me he would call me when it was over with. He texts me the next day and tells me that he got back with his ex, told her everything, and feels like shit because he really cares about me but can't talk to me anymore. Now he has blocked me on everything and I feel like sh*t over everything.

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  • I am sad to say, you are too dumb or not have enough wisdom to make your life happy, in process you are making others hell. try to learn about how things work and what you want by reading lots of books

  • Aaaaand this is why you don`t hook up with someone already in a relationship or recently broken-up. 1. Everything you said proves he is in love with her. She treats him like shit, he gets a chance with you, she wants him back, he comes running. He`s head over heels with her. 2. The fact that you talked a lot and then he blocked you on everything (blocking, ffs!) proves she has a powerful influence over him, proves that he`s a weak man and also proves that you were his "escape" girl. Things were going tough for him, he found you, you both "clicked" and everything seemed perfect until she most likely told him how everything`s going to change for the better and he blocked you because she asked (of course!) but also because he no longer needed you. He didn`t think he would need an "escape" anymore. 3. I know it sounds tough, but IMHO, this is what highly likely happened. I`m a great judge of characters and lots of experience dealing with people. I`ve never been wrong so far. 4. You deserve better. You deserve a guy with no obligations and not suffering over an ex. Don`t search for him. Focusing on getting the perfect boyfriend will only get you frustrated. Instead, live your life normally, let everything happen as it happens and THE guy will show up :) I promise.

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