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DAMMIT! i was suposed to start dieting today. i have so much damn weight to lose and a lovign mom and dad ready to help,its all up to me and ive failed AGAIN!!! what the heck happened? i dont even know. i went to bed saying yup im gonna do iti m gonna start my diet tomorrow. woke up, ate a bowl of healthy cereal and next thing i know an hour later im starving, and cant stop obsessing over food!! and now im in my room gorging on potato chips feeling sorry for myself. Its pathetic how little willpower i have, seriously what am i going to do? i go to the GYM everyday, thats not the problem, its the fact i shove fistfuls of snacks down my throat afterwards.ugh i disgust myself.

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  • The best way is not to think if it as a 'diet' but as a lifestyle change. If you want to eat chips, that's fine, but swap them for homemade chips or only eat a small handful. Just substitute and watch your portions, don't cut out food groups or deprive yourself. And have a large breakfast with fruit and oatmeal. If you feel like you want to binge, just binge on fruit or vegetables.

  • I had the same problem. I removed the temptation, and made healthy pre-prepared meals. I was only hungry for a week. After that, my stomach shrank to a smaller size. If you can not do this, then maybe it is medical or psychological. Get it looked into.

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