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I just had sex with her and it feels like we made love. This is the second time. She is not my wife, and in a weird way, we are becoming friends. My wife can be so mean, sometimes, that it pushes me to this other woman. I wanna stop sleeping with her, but I don't know how to cope with this immense pain my wife puts me in. God help me. Have mercy on your wretched son.

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  • Learn to see whose problem is it? your personality or her's. and try to solve that quality that's making them annoying or mean. Everything has solution. but my wise words are wasted on you cheating asshole

  • Leave your wife and get with the other woman then, you fool! No point in staying with your wife if she makes you unhappy. Marriage is about supporting and loving the other unconditionally. If your wife doesn't live up to that, she's breached your marriage contract and you're allowed to divorce her and get with a woman who will keep her promise to you.

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