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My bf is being harsh I think. We both graduated in July of this year and whilst he found a job, I so far have not. He keeps putting a lot of pressure on me and calling me useless - how the hell am I even going to have the confidence to go to an interview if he pulls stunts like that? I might add that to get his job he faked his references and got rejected from loads of other places before he got his job. Plus he's a few years older than me so has more experience. I literally complete lengthy job forms every single good damn day. I might even get an interview or two but nothing. I might add that when he leaves to go for work he gives me loads of things to do i.e. cooking for when he comes back everyday, cleaning, washing clothes, cleaning the oven, ironing, sorting out his paperwork etc and gets bitchy if I don't. I've also had problems with my wisdom teeth coming through so have had to go to the dentist a lot as well. I'm trying my best but when someone keeps on putting you down you feel like what's the point in even looking. It's a catch 22 situation. I have honour so I'm already humiliated by the fact that I don't have a job, I spend hours applying every day and I told him this. I've tried to talk to him about how bad he is making me feel but he just rants, telling me how crap I am. I feel so burnt out, so sad.

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  • I think you are taking him too seriously because of your current insecurities, try to test if he is serious or not.

  • Might I just say. People like that should not be allowed relationships. People are stupit. Has no one earned that friends are the way forth

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