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So... I randomly met a guy over Facebook, we started texting every day since then, we was coming to my country this summer for 2 weeks. During that time we had only one date, it was great , but ever since then he didnt have the time for me, now he is back to his country 3.000 km away. And only now he says he is sorry for it, he hasnt had a gr for 2 years, last time he did she turned out to be a b**ch so he doesnt trust anyone now. I just think its not fair that he didnt give me a change, but he did give the b**ch one ...I dont know what to do. I cannot simply turn off my feelings for him, but i also dont want someone who doesnt respect me. He says im special and the world need more people like me, yet i dont really believe him . He is coming here again next summer... Should i keep talking with him till then with a chance of a possible relationship, or should i just forget him and move on ? :( or something else

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  • I met a guy online, I really liked him, we talked for a whole year before we manage to meet, but he keeps saying how amazing I am and how wonderful I am yet all his body language and stuff he says shows he's not interested in me, yet he insists on talking and maybe meeting again , just as friends, but since i like him more than friends, talking to him and seeing him again will only make me sadder, so i cut off all contact, i still miss him, and it hurts like hell, but i'm going on with it, why waste my feelings on someone who is not interested, time will heal me and i'll get over it eventually

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