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Why do i care so much about what others thibk of me? i mean why cant they just like me, I always feel prssured to smile or laugh to make then feel vetter and ah hobestly , 'pretty' girls have easier lives, they treat people like shit abd are annoying as hell, but it comes of as 'confidence', which oretty much every one is attractef to and it s just nit fucking fair, im sorry, I just reqlly feel this way

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  • That is by far the biggest crock of shit Ive ever heard, like no alright I can say as a pretty female that we worry just as much as guys do about how we come off like fuck sometimes I can't even speak or do anything but sit there awkwardly because I am consistently worried about doing or saying something wrong, it's something I've struggled with since forever and it's something that kills me on the inside. So no, girls care about there self image, even if that image is coming off as the dont care what others think of them.

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