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My boyfriend is so incredibly annoying, he's always saying how much he is in love with me but the physical stuff he does completely contracts what he says. For instance for my 21st birthday, I found out that he brought most of my gifts on the same day - no thought required at all, even though I planned his gifts in advance for his birthday. He's also a huge pothead and even though I hate the stuff, I still keep my mouth shut if he smokes it twice a week because he says it helps him. Yet he goes past what we agreed which is doing it twice a week and always tries to smoke it most days, he stinks of it constantly plus his eyes are red and it's hard to have a conversation with him. It's also my turn to pick where we go on holiday and he got really upset with me because I wouldn't chose Amsterdam, because you guessed it he doesn't want any culture, he just wants to sit in a cafe for nearly a week and smoke, oh and I'm a selfish bitch apparently for not wanting to sit there while he constantly lights up. Imagine if you barely see each other all day because you're both at work then when you finally see them you're partner keeps either talking about smoking the stuff constantly or sneaking off in the middle of hanging out to smoke it. he spends so much time and money on the stuff there's barely anytime for us. He's being so disrespectful about it and every time I even try to talk about it with him, no shit he starts to cry and call me a bully.

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  • I'm sure you loved him but potheads aren't good people to be around they're more likely to get into trouble more likely to ignore you you might seriously need to break it up with him i say start off by pretending uour interested in his affairs or in pot itself them slowly skew the conversation but try to do this when he's dry it'll make it easier to speak

  • Time to leave darlin.

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