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i hate my stepfather, sometimes i wish he would die or gets his life destroyed, he´s a horrible person, my mother begins to get depress cuz of the behaviour of him, he doesn´t do anything at home, but at the same time he´s always saying that i should do more like cleaning and so one while he does nothing, his just sittin on the couch watching tv all the time. I really hate him for what he´s doing to my mother and to me. He affects everything, i can have a good day and he destroys my good mood with one sentence, cuz he always make mean comments. My grades are going down and i even failed the last year, i just can´t learn if he´s around or if he makes me angry or depressed. the only that keeps my head up is to know that i can move out in 6 month, and i don´t want to stay a day longer. i can´t even explain how horrible he is, i just want to leave and never see him again cuz he makes my life hell on daily basis

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  • You can't blame all your problems on him. He wasn't the one who failed the grades.

  • Stephfather are all assholes

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