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I thought to share this little funny story. I was online and a random guy messages me the usual cheesy: woooow you are so beautiful, do you have a boyfriend? Me: thank you, and no i don't have one. Him: but whyyyyy, do you have high standards for men? Me: well everybody got standards for who they want to be with. Him: OMG, really? You have standards for men? (At this moment I started to doubt he's mentally challenged) but i played along and said: well yeah, dont you have standards? Or you just date any random chick you meet? Him: ofcourse, it's not nice to have standards for people, I'm a nice guy. He is 25 years old and this conversation made me feel like I'm talking to a toddler -.-'

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  • those are the worst. fake people

  • This was not funny

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