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I had a dancing partner some months ago. i fell in love with her. she was perfect. not that 0815 barbie doll. she was smart and funny. she gave me the feeling to be worth something. she said she want to have space and i am importuning her. I lost a lot of friends the time before and i was so happy to have someone to have fun with and laugh. but she does not want to meet me. I just want to dance since i last saw her. I listen to the music i always wantet to dance to (Katzenjammer - Lady Marlene please check it out) but that wont happen..

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  • you said you lost friends maybe you are just imprinting on this girl,dunno what you feel i cant preach about your feelings but try to socialize nd see if you still feel the same(nuce song btw i heard it for the first time and it was enticing)

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