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I'm deeply in love with that girl in my class. We sit next to each other, spend the whole day together, i make her laugh about all the time and she said that she trusts me more than anyone. I don't want to tell her about my feelings, because i fear our friendship might die because of that. Nobody knows that about me, except my best friend, but I'm mentally unstable and if that girl from my class would insult me or do anything bad to me, i will break down on the spot..

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  • Don't listen to these other charmers here... If you love her and you two have things in common, and if shes making advances.... then it's time to tell her, if she acts shocked at first, give her time, but make sure to keep your presence known to her, if she says no.. then she doesn't deserve a nice feller like you.

  • Haha , you are already in the friendzone :)) Go find other girl that you like , and tell her dont be a pussy

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