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I am 18 and have a girlfriend since I was 15. We are great together and I can't see us breaking up :). However I am scared to miss out my "wild oats". She is the only person I have had sex with and I want to experience more than one person.... But I don't want to leave her :O

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  • I think that's normal to feel. That you might be missing out. If you think about it though would rather have a one night stand with one person or have sex forever with the one you love. Also, another reason you might be feeling like this is because of the culture we have. It gets instilled into you that you're missing out and other people don't make it easier they make you feel like you're losing out on something. I know someone that did that to me once. But if you're perfectly happy then you're not missing out on anything trust me. People who want to sleep with multiple people are the ones who don't know what they want and mostly likely they're also missing out on that stability and love of a relationship.

  • I can understand you completly, I'm in the same situation but breaking up to fuck any random guy that's walking by will never be an option, eben if it is what I dream about sometimes. Try living your fantasies with your partner and have your "wild oats" together, that could help.

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