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ok so fine, fu*k it. im done. no girlfriend, marriage, family hope bullshit. its never gonna happen for me. no more crying over it.whatever the hell is wrong with me is here to stay.life is a cruel harsh evil thing and i definitely am not a winner. i just give up. i hate having a crush on women i can never have. fawning over beautiful attractive women leagues ahead of me. if you've got love then i wish you all the best, sincerely i mean that. but fu*k it im sick of losing so im just going to accept it and try my best to put it out of my mind.even thoguh it damn hard and hurts like hell..

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  • Good, you've accepted that being a superficial goon is getting you nowhere. Now you can improve your life! Eat healthy, exercise regularly, volunteer for charity, make art, learn a language, go back to school. Soon you'll be the kind of person that others will consider "out of their league"

  • yeah give up, drooling over attractive women, then complaining

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