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My cousins have both been diagnosed as"manipulative" and get "anxiety" when they don't get their way. My aunt bitches at me because I'm"faking" my Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder and am on medication for both. My cousins are on none because they are playing the game and the doctors all know it. She drags these teens around all day, pays for all the things they want and she hasn't paid her bills in over 3 months, but I'm the one with my priorities out of wack. She's"raised" two manipulative little twats who can't think or do anything for themselves. I've been on my own for over a decade and paid for my education and bills all on my own, while dealing and coping with my disorders every day. Yet she constantly bitches to all my family about me, and always tells my mom that she's glad her kids haven't turned out like me. Seriously..

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  • I kind of love you already

  • she‘s probably jealous that her kids are crappy and her sister‘s/brother‘s kid is not (i had an aunt just like that). be proud of what you have achieved, work hard and ace your life, it‘s gonna be the sweetest revenge you will ever get :D enjoy the show she puts on and good luck stranger!

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