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My grandmother has been diagnosed with breast cancer a few months back. She's had an easy time of it, and is in remission. Even her Doctors are amazed at how well she's done. Secretly I think it makes her happy, because she uses it as an excuse for people to be her slaves and do everything for her. She tells everyone she meets at every opportunity and tries to gain sympathy and whatever else she can get out of people. All while complaining that she does everything, and nobody else helps her. She's not happy unless she's complaining.. I give her weekly manicures and pedicures with foot massage, and go over weekly to do laundry and clean and put away groceries (which I shop for as well) and she bitches about me to the rest of my family how I'm the lazy one.

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  • i judge you for you avoiding to learn a life lesson. You should open a foot massage business, don`t you get the deeper message? PS about her bitching to be the lazy one, open your mouth and put her to silence, so we do not have to see you explode

  • oh no, this sounds like my attitude whenever i am sick. i dont know how to change. im glad you posted this. I needed to hear it. im an asshole

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