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When I was little (both at ages 10, and 12) I was hospitalized with a disease called Erythema Multiforme for a long period of time. I suffered from outbreaks from it during the winter months, and sometimes the outbreaks would last for all of the winter months. Whenever I suffered an outbreak I would be hospitalized. During my outbreaks I was incredibly weak, and my doctors were concerned for my well being. It got to the point where I was prescribed anabolic steroids for periods of approximately three months at a time. I'm currently in my mid-twenties. Therefore I believe it's safe to say that I've gone through puberty. I have to shave everyday, I have a lot of hair everywhere. However, I fear the excess prescribed steroids stunted anything from happening in my pubic region during puberty. When my penis isn't erect it's maybe an inch long at the most. Whilst the longest I could guess it to be whilst it's erect is five maybe six inches.

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  • A male doesnt stop growing till about 24 - 27 that penis could and most likely will grow.

  • A six inch long penis is sightly above average.

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