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Ever since quitting college I've started smoking weed everyday, I really dont want a fancy future if it means having to go to college again because it just sucked the life out of me and I'm much happier doing volunteer work in a little 2nd hand shop now. I can't choose not to go back though, because it would break my parent's hearts.

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  • I think it is really a problem that the college is so damn expensive there. Parents start to save for it right away you are born (well, some are I guess) and expect you to go... It's like you can't control your life. Here in Finland, all schools are free. Only books and food cost and possible programs if you want to have them on your homecomputer also. Do what you enjoy, perhaps you could cut the weed out but if you enjoy working in the 2nd hand shop and enjoy other little things in life, do it! Not everyone is suited for fancy lifestyle, since most of the times it requires a lot of work... And then you can't enjoy the fancy lifestyle. Be strong, be yourself. I'm sure your parents will understand.

  • I smoked weed every day too and also did not enjoy college. I think you want to escape by using drugs. Maybe you should stop with the weed, clear your head and think about your options and the consequenses; you can continue to work at the 2nd hand shop ánd finish college. If you choose to drop out and be happy with that, I think your parents will eventually settle with your desicion. It is your life and only you know what will make you happy. I wish you all the luck and happiness!

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