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When I was younger, I think 7 or 8, I had this driver who would drop and pick me up from school. One day he started calling me to sit in the front seat, I happily went along and sat at the front. after a few days he would start touching me, putting his hands down my shirt and my pants. I was to scared to say anything to anyone. This one time I was home alone, he picked me up, took my pants of and started fiddling with my private area, he started licking me. That day had scared me forever but I didn't tell anyone Because I was scared. 8 years later, my drivers still working for us.

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  • grab a baseball bat and... idk, swing it on his face, jam it up his ass, set it on fire and hit him with it? your call lad.

  • Come on! Give a huge badass punch on his disgusting face.

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