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My boyfriend and me have been dating since the past 6 months. We share a fun relationship but it's hard being together because he lives 4 hours away in another state. Lately he has been distant and I don't know why. We haven't had sex and it would be my first time yet I sort of feel ready but I am scared what if it changes how I feel about him or what if not being a virgin be bad for me later in life (my family is strictly religious catholic) help me guys.

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  • Our relationship is fine we both are just busy. I really want to have sex with him but I am just so unsure

  • You only have one virginity. If giving it to him doesn't get him back you will never have it to give to the one you marry. He will always feel jealous of the guy who got it first. I'll also warn you after you have fucked you need maintenance. it LITERALLY itches for more dick. Once you have fucked one boyfriend you will not be able to go a month without should you be single again.

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