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People are assholes,trust me if you ever feel like its you its not. Some people are assholes. I spend most of my free time volunteering and helping others, im lucky enough to not have to get a part time job to help my family right now so instead of sitting home watching Tv i try to make the world a better place and help others.Today i was helping people find their way around a health center.Its a huge place that like a maze. 90% of the people are grateful but you get some who think they are just so entitled to treat you like dirt because thats just who they are...to the 20 year old woman with the attitude who was with her loser father who was pretending to use a walker you and your father disgust me...you are ugly in the worst way-the inside, im sorry i met you and i promise i will remember you, i will never offer you any help or assistance again..you can find your own damn way without my help.

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  • People change, even if they behave like assholes, keep in mind that they only behave like assholes at that moment. Maybe at one point these people were like you, and they've been let down so now they behave like dicks, but you can't know that 'cus you've only seen them for a moment in their lives, don't create a picture of a person based on one single moment! Rebel against it, you are better than that. If people are dicks to me, I still treat them nicely, remember Eye for an eye results in making the whole world blind.

  • oh and btw, i am a REGISTERED volunteer, not just some random person who turns up and offers help. Its official lol

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