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Theres a guy i work with, hes a little overwieght and though im a guy too so i cant really say if hes attractive or not to women but hes not married and i believe doesnt have a girlfriend.Well he is just the nicest kindest warmest person on the inside i cant even begin to tell you. he works his butt off 7 days a week and tries to make his life better every day. Its really hard for him, but that guy deserves the world.Shame i cane give it to him but if i could i would.

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  • First off, being the same gender as someone doesn't mean you can't have an opinion on someone's aesthetic appeal. Second, would people PLEASE stop lumping together everyone's tastes in looks or whatever based on gender? I can tell you right now some women find him attractive, some don't. Anyway, I hope that guy has a nice life.

  • the heck are people judging for?

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