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I'm almost 18 and never had a gf or loved somebody, even a first kiss, but since september I have a huge crush on a girl. We're in the same class and I'm really shy, so all I've done until now was small talk with her. I feel like my love for her gives me hope and motivation in everything I do or am about to do, so I chose to give up on many bad habits (drinking alcohol even if it were in small amounts, eating junks, fapping and even watching porn, not to mention about that I feel bad whenever I am staring at other girls). Doing these things is like betraying my feelings for her. I don't know what to do next... Should I tell her that my love for her changed me in a good way and made me a better person? Would this thing make me look like a total weirdo? She's kind and caring with almost everyone around her, and so did I became while being near her. Btw, we're a bit introverted, which is why I consider myself as a stranger for her, so I'm very afraid of confessing my feelings for fear of rejection.

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  • Well, flat-out telling her everything that has changed in your life since you met her might be a bit too much for her. Most people are not used to others being absolutely honest about their feelings, so you'd easily come off as weird if you overdo it. Something that would most likely not turn her away is to just give her a small portion of the truth in the form of a compliment, something like "The way you care about everyone around you is really inspiring, it gives off a good vibe which makes me feel more a lot more caring about myself and others too, which is a really good/nice thing!".

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