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I've had a girlfriend for awhile and I'm way more attracted to her than guys but sometimes I wonder if I'm even gay. I feel like it would be easier to be with a guy because it's less frowned along but along the same time I know I wouldn't be happy.

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  • Could also be pansexuality, an orientation which makes you attracted to the personality of a person, not her/his age, gender, or looks. I know bc I'm pansexual myself and still fancy woman way more than men because it's much easier for me to relate to their personality, but I've also once had a guy with whom I had a happy relationship, even though I'd never have chosen to be with a guy, it just sort of happened and since I was so much in love with his personality I really didn't care that he had a dick. Also, always be true to what you feel, because no matter what others might say, you yourself are the most important person in your whole life, so it should always a priority that you do whatever makes you feel happy, no matter what anyone might think of it. Having a sexuality that isn't hetero can be tricky sometimes, but it is always better to put your own needs first, because giving them up just to fit into society is much, much MUCH more frustrating than having people talk badly about you. If you manage to accept that your sexuality, whatever it may be, is just as much a part of you as the shape of your nose is, and learn to truly embrace it, it will not matter anymore whatever anyone might say or think.

  • I'm bi, but when I fell in love with my wife all others fell away. I mean if she had a dick i'd suck it, but honestly it's all about her. She's the one I love regardless of gender. You make your call in life, just be sure before you commit.

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