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Just because you had sex with lots of people does not make you an expert in it, you can be an expert in it with the one you are with, I'd rather be expert in it with my future husband than to have sex/party sex/casual sex with diff. Men. Don't despise us (whose hymen are intact) because we don't care if you are a virgin or not, so stop stereo typing us, as someone who have no idea what to do, there's porn, there are articles and forums, and the man I am with.

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  • I waited for my wife and she waited for me. Im proud of what i did and we appreciate each other. Screw all the haters and their 50% divorce rate. We love sex, we can trust each other, and we are hpv free. I jope my son and daughter wait as well. Being a slut shows severe intimacy fear problems in Both genders.

  • My two main problems with this: 1) the hymen myth. It stretches. If it tears, it's not because that's what happens, it's because you didn't have enough foreplay/lube. Sex should not hurt. 2) Women are told we *should* be 'pure' and stay virgins until we marry, that's why slut shaming is a thing and 'virgin shaming' isn't (for women at least, it's flipped for men). You, choosing to only sleep with one man, are conforming to that (which is totally fine, it's your body, do you what you want). All you're doing here is splitting women into 'intact' women like yourself and women who choose to sleep with multiple partners, which is pointless. Women should not be fighting women over bullshit instilled in us by patriarchal values. No one 'despises' you for choosing to sleep with one partner. If anyone has a problem with your choice, chances are it's because you're describing yourself as 'intact' etc which implies women who have sex aren't and so you're somehow better than them - that's slut shaming.

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