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Please help me i need your opinions. I have a boyfriend. We are almost 2yrs now. There was a time when i caught him liking pictures of girls that were half nude on facebook. I confronted him and he promised to never do it again. Second time i caught him again doing it and also downloading and saving half nude photos of girls in facebook!!!! Again, he promised to never do it again. And I forgave him. Third time he was doing it again!!!! For goodness sake we are already having sex and he kept on liking and saving pictures of sexy girls! I dont know what to do. I really love him but it really kills me to think that maybe he doesnt love me anymore and he doesnt respect me as his girlfriend. I need your opinion. Thanks.

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  • Well, I'd say you are over reacting. Most boys and men do watch porn, amd it mist certainly doesn't mean that he doesn't love you, isn't attracted to you or prefers other women. However, you do have something to be mad about. After all, he made you a promise which he thrice in a row did not keep. You should confront him about that, that you don't want him feeding you lies.

  • What? Are you stupid or what? So what if he is liking pictures of other girls? Is he fucking them? Get over yourself.

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