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im not a funny person, but i tell stupid jokes and people don't get it and look at me strange...some get downright mad as they think im insulting them. but the reason i do is because im very boring and have nothing to talk about so i try to fill awkward silences with humor. I have to stop, i can hide who i really am forever...at least i definitely know im not funny. but how can i make myself more interesting?

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  • Never ever change... IF you stop making stupid jokes or try to be humurous it's just like saying sorry for being yourself. Just keep that attitude and I know that someday, someone will llaugh at them.

  • I have been there. Here are the things that worked for me. 1. I overcame my shyness and got into some "interesting" situations as a result. 2. I found stuff I cared about and spent time on that. 3. I learned how to tell stories about the stuff that resulted from 1&2, and make them interesting.

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