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I think the people judging the virgins here are just ethnocentric white people. You can't call me a misogynist because I waited for my wife as well. You think we are stupid? Compare the divorce rate of those who wait with those who do not. How about the infidelity rate? I had the discipline to wait, and my wife trusts me more because of it. It was an honor when she picked me. The sex is great, and you can judge me all you like. I am not ashamed.

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  • Where can I compare those rates please Mr. Know-It-All? :D

  • If the sex is great, then good for you! But think about if someone has a fetish that his/her partner cannot live with, what would happn then: cheating to fullfill your needs, divorce etc. Waiting for the right one is great, I agree, but that does not necessarily have to mean waiting until after marriage!

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