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Last night, i had a nightmare, i was dreaming about a dead guy, the guy i've seen being killed nearly 25 years ago. By the time, I was 16 or 17 years old, took the bus to go to classes, and a lot of time, I met the "Blacksmith", I never knew who was he, but that was what the gossip said, he was a blacksmith. Well, by just looking at him, you could trust the gossip, muscular guy, big beard, little scar and burn mark on the hand and a bold head always hooded (the gossip also told the back of his head was burned and that was the reason of the hood). Not a big deal, he was a nice guy, i've rarely seen him with a long face, as much as I can remember, he was the kind to talk with old talkatives ladies to make them happy. One night, I went out with friends, and coming alone, I passed in the area of the bus stop when i heard something like a fight and I found out it was a woman being assaulted. I was petrified, and wanted to help. When "He" arrived, the Blacksmith walked to the robber, the robber took out a knife and in an instant, the Blacksmith grabbed the arm of the robber and punched him in the head with his bare fist, it sounded like a man being hit by a wall. And the robber, lying down on the ground, eyes barely opened, starring in the void. After that, the Blacksmith took care of the woman and go away with her without looking to the robber. I waited that they were far away to check more precisely the state of the robber, I was certain the robber was no more than a body without life. I went to a phone booth to call the police to tell them I just found a body and let things go. Many month after that, I found the Blacksmith, holding hand with a lady, the one he saved, he was smiling and for the first time, I saw without his hood, the back of his head wasn't burned but there was a big scar. In my head, it looked like a fairy tale, the Hero, the Princess and the Evil..... Years have passed, when I think about this story, I imagine "if the robber have good reason to steal, maybe he had a family and no food". And i say to myself : "Behing the light, there may be shadow, behind the shadow, there me light, there are just ... shades of grey"

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  • I want a series about epic blacksmith guy!!

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