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I'm scared to enter my son's room. About 3 months ago the wifey sent me around the house to collect clothes to wash. Starting with our room I collected a pretty good amount of clothes. Passing my son's room I thought that my football playing son would surely have something that needs to be washed, right? I knocked on the door and said "Hey Micheal do you have any clothes that need washed?" He said "Yeah" clear as day so I came on in only to find him having sex with his girlfriend. I freaked I threw the clothes down and they blocked the door from shutting and I was trying to shut it and escape but it just wouldn't shut! So my son yelled "I got it dad leave! So I surely did leave. Turns out when I knocked he panicked and said yeah out of habit of answering my wife. I can't push myself to go in his room now.

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  • so what? you're son is normal emotional healthy person who gets to have sex . My dad would love for me to have a girlfriend and have sex but thats never going to happen, you should be happy, wouldn't you feel sad your son was a loser like me?

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