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A friend of mine(guy) is in his first ever relationship and he s had his first kiss with her.Now, problem 1: Ive had a crush in hin for around 4 years now and 2: this girl is kdjs, she was at a party without my friend and she made out with another guy.My friend is literally the cutest guy ever and he s so nice and thoughtful, should I tell him about what his gf did or say nothing or ahh? i just know that since they ce gotten together, he s had a lot of 'bad' days and I dont want that, I want his to be happy and just have fun and smile, because he is literally the funniest guy and ah please help

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  • tell him

  • And you got a smile that will light up this whole town, I haven't seen it in a while since she brought you down. You said you fine I know you better than that. Hey what you're doing with a girl like that?

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