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I love my Dad with all my heart, but i dont believe he tries hard enough to stay healthy. Hes 72 and smoker for years, does absolutely no physical activity and takes like 20 pills a day for his diabetes which he got because of poor diet. Every time i talk to him about going to the gym he gets mad and i feel guilty because the reason he destroyed his health was cuz tried so hard to provide for his family he never got the chance too look after himself and now he deserves to relax and do the things he enjoys which, if is smoking, wathcing TV and lying in bed all day is his right. i want him to be around for a long time thats why i push him and sometimes when we argue in the heat of the moment i call him lazy even though i know it must be hard at his age. I dunno am i being selfish? should i just let him be? ive made a lot of bad decisions in my life i don't have any right to criticize him but i only do it because im not ready to let him go. i feel so guilty and sad.

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  • You just want him to be around, I understand. You need to sit him down and have a biggggg conversation with him and if you have to cry, cry. He's your dad and you both love each other. Good luck!

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