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Well, here goes. Sorry this is a bit of a long one. To my wife, I still love you, and think about you every minute of the day. I am sorry that I made a statement to the police when the neighbours called due you you screaming at me, I'm sorry I told them about our private life, I just wanted you to get some help for your depression, and anger issues, I'm sorry I wasn't strong enough to help you deal with them alone. I'm sorry that I was angry you hurt me, were always shouting at me and throwing things at me, so said I didn't want you to come home right away. I'm sorry that this made you try to kill yourself and end up in a mental institution for a month, but the thing I'm sorry about the most, is that you didn't come home when you were discharged from hospital and don't want to be in contact with me any more. It's all my fault, I should have tried more, and been there for you and supported you with your problems, instead of making you feel like you had to lash out at me, and yell to get my attention. I hope you are OK, and that you'll come back home soon. My life is nothing without you, I love you sweetheart, and I wish I was a stronger person for you. I failed you, and I failed myself.

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  • you strong person, follow your dream and woman will follow you, never make woman - dream

  • well you can be a strong person if you choose to be one. i hope it works out for you two. best of luck!

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