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My daughter and I haven't had the best relationship but this weekend while visiting her and her husband she told me that she loved me and I was her hero even though I was always too busy with work. Now that I'm retired all I can do is sit at the house and cry because I've missed my little girl grow up, the reason I worked so hard and I didn't take the time to watch her enjoy the life I longed to give her. I don't even know how to start making up for it, she doesn't need me anymore. Much like everyone else in my life. I barely know my wife of 29 years. I've worked my whole damn life away and I'm not even happy with where I am now. I had no other life than work. I'm shitty.

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  • you are a good parent because you WANTED the best for them and u tried and you know now where u messed up. u admit to it. she doesn't need you like a child would but even adult children need their parents. do you have grandchildren? your kids will so value you being there for the grand kids now or in the future... you can still help her and now your child(ren) can also be your friend(s). getting to know you on a deeper level than just as an authority figure. don't beat yourself up. there is life yet!

  • maybe you could be the best granddad ever and support your daughter by watching her kids when she's working :)

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