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I don't think anyone is wrong for "Friendzoning" someone. Don't find someone attractive? Not your fault. Can't deal with their sexual past? That's your feelings. See no future? That's your call. You aren't wrong or shallow to not be attracted to someone. Forcing yourself to be with someone you don't like is just leading them on and that is far crueler.

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  • As I do agree with you, many girls and some guys lead people on for the sake of getting attention. Making people do things and buy things for the hopes of being accepted into some romance is wrong. People need to be straight forward, dont dance around the subject.

  • to the comment below because the reply button doesn't work: problem is that many people use the word friendzone in situations where they‘re actually not being led on. its often been degraded to describe a situation where the rejected person just cannot handle the fact that not everyone is into him/her.

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