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I think reading about all these cheating women is turning me into a Misogynist. I know not all women, but this subset scares me. The never-singles who have a boy on the side in case it doesn't work out with their bf their profile will go straight from in a relationship to in a relationship and they will find another side boy just in case that fails as well. I know you ladies aren't all like that, and there are worse examples of men, it's just making me much more unrusting than is healthy.

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  • Now you know how women have felt since the dawn of time. At least you'll never get cheated on by the man whose baby you're carrying.

  • if it's "turning" you into a misogynist you already were one. men have been known to cheat even at th3e height of family values in this world and we're always told "NOT ALL MEN' so get over it. there are horrible people in both genders. Also realize this is a confession forum... where people are more likely to discuss awful things here. so it's curated negativity you'll find.

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