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I am a 22yo male. I have a beautiful fit girlfriend the same age as me and honestly one of the best looking women I've ever slept with. 2 years ago I was dating someone who was 18 years older than me. She is the spitting image of everyone's dream milf. She broke up with me because of our age difference. Recently the milf has taken a strong intrest in me again. I am torn, I have a thing for older women. But my new gf I absolutely head over heals for. It's been difficult telling the milf no but I would love to have sex with her again. Especially because I could finnish inside her. What is everyone's opinion?

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  • always fuck the milf. dem milfs are precious.

  • Stay with your gf but before you give up somthing in life for somone else make sure they would do the same for you. There are many ways to secretly test someones loyalty, then you know where you really stand with that person if there true to you be true to them if not do what ever makes you happy behind their back why not they would!!!

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