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Stuffs do you even enjoy my company? i am the one that gives all the comfort and love and kisses, you don't give anything back unless i force you too, i spend my time doing you favors, maybe you're just using me, you take advantage of my feelings for you, you'll always find an excuse not to kiss, we might as well don't do it at all, maybe you said yes just because you like hanging out with me, but we have so much in common, maybe one day you'll just get bored of me but do you really love me? i need you why would you doubt me? i mean, it's me, it's a more than a fucking miracle i found someone that loves me, i won't just throw it all away for some other girl, i love you more than anything else in my life. am I obessed with you? i love you but do you really feel the same way? i feel that one day i'm just going to ruin it all and you're going to leave me, and if that happens, i won't be a ble to handle it, but you'll probably find someone better, more handsome and romantic, some one you truly deserve and you'll forget me i love you unconditionally but i don't FEEL you love me back, and if i tell you you'll probably just find me annoying and say "what don't you understand, i love you" i feel like a little fu*king sissy writing this, i'm over reacting everything, i shouldn't have so much feelings and thought it's like i'm the girl in the relationship i fall for you everyday every fucking day i love you more i love your smile i love you eyes i love how you're not the typical mainstream girl you're strong and sensitive at the same time you're so beautiful, words cannot express what i feel for you sometimes i don't understand why don't you belive i love you isn't it clear, don't i give you enough kisses i don't know i love you don't ever leave me this is insane, i can't believe how atatched i am too you, and it sucks becasie maybe i don't mean that much too you

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  • Love feels good when you give it not when you receive it. So ask yourself his question. Do you really love her, or are destroying what you have slowly like you say trying to feel something you cant. I learnt the hard way.

  • i feel you.

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