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My boyfriend moved to another country to be with me, he is the most amazing guy I've ever meet and it feels like I have known him forever. I love him more than I can explain in words. He got a work here, and we are so happy about it, but lately he have been depressed going to work (he travels away to work sevral days in a row). His boss is acting like a dick and it makes my bf feel like shit, and I don't know what to do. There aren't alot of jobs around here, so he was really lucky getting this one. I don't want him feeling bad going to work, I try to look around for other jobs for him but what he have right now is seriously the best one and the only one it seems like. I don't know how to suport him really, he is always so suportive towards me but I don't know how to motivate or suport him. I would give him the world if I could, I would do anything for him. Why don't I know how to suport my own bf? If you read this honey, know that I love you and that I am trying. <3

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