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I walked in to the airport, looking all around. I looked at every person I meet to see if it was him. I tried to call him, but his phone had stopped working. Suddenly everything slowed down, the people around me became a blurr and then I saw him. I had never seen him in real life before, but as soon as I saw him walking within that ocean of people I knew it was him. I yelled his name but he didn't see me. I hurried and walked towards him, then he saw me and smiled. I hugged him and breathed him in, he smelled so amazing. After months of talking online I could finally hold him in my arms. I felt the biggest gold rush. I took his hand and we went out of the airport. And that's how I meet my boyfriend for the first time in real life.

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  • did this happen last week?

  • all of that happened to, that exact same scene, but I'm not his girlfriend, he decided I'm not attractive enough, and just insists on being good friends, while he's hooking up with girls he meets online and goes to see them and spend vacations with them

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