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2 years ago, my dad had a heart attack due to a birth defect in his heart that they never saw (he was born in 1946 so the hospitals weren't as well equiped as they are now). I resuscitated him and when he recovered, I thought we were going to spend more time together. When he was offered an early retirement his exact words were; "no, I don't want it. what the hell am I supposed to do at home?" I took it personally and I still do, it makes me feel like not even my own father wants to be around me and it causes me to be highly insecure of my personality.

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  • It has NOTHING to do with you. Write that down. Tell him explicitly that he was close to death and you want to spend more time with him because him almost dying made you think about how precious your time together is. If he reacts badly at this, REMEMBER this: it has nothing to do with you and absolutely everything with him. He has his own demons he must deal with and what he says and does reflects that, NOT your personality (unless you`re a dick and you`re just playing it nice here). His personal issues might make him unable, unknowing or unwilling to spend time with you, but if you`re nice son, it`s all on him.

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