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This will seem like a goverment conspiracy, but its true. Ebola s man-made and was released in Africa, and when it was brought to america by that fella, people began freaking out, now although their is no need to freak out really, their still is. This strain of "ebola" is dangerous and deadly yes, it is meant to kill people in America and the world to decrease the population, human kind is on its way to 9-11 billion people, which scientists believe is the maximum population, and the US goverment doesn't want that, because people will keep breeding and making babies, that is also why we get in so many wars that don't involve us at all, it's also why 9\11 happened, to cause another war so that the population could decrease, however because the US is so powerful they can make senarios that are lies become truth. Honestly, I'm suprised that Edward Snowden is still alive, but I'm sure the goverment will get him and you know what? They will probably get me too for saying this, and even though most will cry out liar and conspiracy theorist, I know its true, and if you sheep wanna go ahead and be the goverments bitches, feel free, like it or not, a lot of countries and people hate and see America for who we really and, and I feel bad for the mislead soldiers who kill people for nothing but a lie.

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  • The research shows that filoviruses - a family to which Ebola and its similarly lethal relative, Marburg, belong - are at least 16-23 million years old. They say the discovery could help find new ways to create a vaccine. your argumet is invalid

  • I like tinfoil.

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