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I've been hanging out with a friend who happens to be my(long time) crush and one of my "friends'" ex's. She told me that she's not over him but he likes me, which is one of the reasons he broke up with her for. I'm not sorry for her if anything happens between him and I.I don't care if she hates me. she knew I liked him before they started dating yet she went after him. Well now you get to feel how I felt.

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  • wow, girls, there`s lots of guys out there, no need to fight over one :)) plus, if she knew you liked him and she went for him anyway, she`s not your friend. Getting together with him will bring you more problems and drama . How do you know you`ll not going to start asking yourself if he kisses you how he kissed her, or if he sugar-talks you like he did her? Who knows if maybe you and him get in a fight and she mentions something about her, like "She was waaaay better in bed"? That`s a confidence-destroyer right there. Do you really want to go through this? You seem young but I`ve been through this in highschool. I know what happens. Go for it if you want the drama that comes along :)

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