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I got married way too young because I felt guilty for knocking my girlfriend and making her lose her scholarship to have our baby. Now, 10 years later I hate her, I think she's fat and ugly and I hate being a dad. Not a day goes by that I don't regret meeting her and I wish I could start over in another country or something. I haven't had sex with her in months. All I want is to be happy but I feEl pressured by family and society to be with her even though I stopped loving her a long time ago. She's an amazing person but I'm just not in love with her. We fight everyday. I hate to come home and even see her face.

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  • You can either be active in your misery or active in your happiness. you have choices. Best of luck to you.

  • you know, usually you get what you give. if this is your opinion of her no wonder you guys fight. it's give and take. if your an ass she's not gonna treat you good etc. but got you guys have a kid, you give up everything for it. be the best parent you can be. some people can't have them. parents are supposed to do ANYTHING they possibly can for their kid. it sounds like your too busy being miserable to even acknowledge its your kid who loves you no matter what.

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