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I'm an Atheist Eagle Scout. It's is against the rules not to follow a religion in Boy Scouts. Yet i am an atheist and i achieved the highest rank possible to achieve in the program, and i feel like i lied to do so. It is also against policy to Lie yet i did not choose to be an atheist i tried to be christian but i grew up and asked too many questions. I was never asked if i followed a religion but it is still part of the rules. Now i feel ashamed of my rank, this should be the largest accomplishment in my life so far, but i feel ashamed of it.

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  • Concern yourself with the big picture. The BSA is much more concerned with your sexual orientation than your theological orientation. Eagle Scout is still a huge achievement (less than 2% of cub scouts make it to Eagle). My advice: like jaywalking, just don't worry about it

  • Atheist is a religion about not believing in religion. So no religion is being an atheist.

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