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As someone who lost 70 lbs and is now down to a healthy 130lbs I think the whole "love your curves" thing has become so big so women have an excuse to not exercise and become healthy. I'm not referring to actual curvy girls, I'm talking the ones that are fat and say they're curvy to feel better about themselves. Hunny go eat a salad and get on a treadmill.

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  • It's all a marketing ploy to get people to buy more plus-sized walmart clothes and drink 30oz McCoffe Milkshakes

  • True. I've lost 30kg and am on a healthy 60kg now and while I was losing weight people kept telling me: "love your curves, girl! but there's no need for you to lose weight, you carry it well!" That nonsense got me so angry at times that I just didn't want to eat at all at some point.

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