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I'm not sure if this is a confession since its more of a tip. But people!! If a girl ask you what is wrong with her. No matter how she pleads and begs and threatens you. Don't tell her anything. I trusted some of my friends which is a girl that ask me whats wrong with them, why does they have enemies wherever they go while I'm having a neutral and normal life and that I can trust them and they wont flip out no matter how harsh the truth is. So I did. Now they shun me out and act as if im not there and keep on making that sort of a bulldog face whenever they are forced to do interactions with me. lol. I guess now we know why they make enemies everywhere. Not saying this is how all girls act. It could just be my friends. meh. you guys can take this or ignore this. Ive done my part :)

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  • I tried to read this but the whole story does not make any sense at all.

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