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I Game a lot! PC XB1 and PS4! I don't really understand this whole #gamergate vs sjw and radical feminists. And so far it has no effect on the way I play and choose games. so im more than happy to let these kids throw their toys out the pram and stay away from a bunch of woman who have clearly had all their periods sync up.

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  • I'll sum it up. Game developer lady and her guy break up as she was allegedly cheating with a game journalist. Along same time a journalist rights a report on a game he was previously backing. Unrest begins against journalism being corrupted with the close relationships of developers and joirnalists. Many article about the "end of gamers", all gamers being misogynist pop up. Some speakers are actively so lined by websites and forums. Shit escalates. misogynist join and associate themselves with the anti journalism cause (think terrorists being of the Islamic religion, or KKK being of christianity). Outside parties, social justice warriors, politicians, etc. hop into the argument for personal gain and escalate things more. Argument shifts from argument against journalism in gaming to argument against perceived identity of gamers.

  • Yeah, it's clearly just PMS. Ha, why would any SANE woman be upset over death threats and rape threats and having their address/personal information/nudes leaked? Hahaha- No. You are wrong.

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