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My friend is a girl and we're also friends with benefits but everyone at school thinks she friendzoned me because she's more attractive than me. She wants a relationship and I don't, because she's not very smart and she can be annoying sometimes. This also makes it difficult for me to find a real girlfriend. Should I: -Completely break it with her and find a real girlfriend. -Keep her around while I find a real girlfriend.(For the benefits)

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  • Under no circumstance I'm using her, the sex was meaningless and she was totally aware of that and always the one initiating is. Thank you for comments I realized that I've been an ass and It's best for both of us to end it and both find someone else.

  • Some things I need to clarify: -She told me that she wants us to date. -I told her that I don't wanna date her and she said it's ok and we can keep doing this. -She's a good friend I'm not only staying with her for the benefits. but she's not very smart, I like her as a person but I wouldn't date her. -She's far more attractive than me and by hanging out with her other girls presume we're dating or that I'm friendzoned and that makes my situation difficult. Conclusion: She's a good friend but not more, and I've explained that to her. And I think it's better for the both of us to end it.

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