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My girlfriend left me 6 months ago for no logical reason. We broke up in a peacefull way. I gave up all of my free time to start working out and get in shape because it was the only thing i enjoyed and could distract my attention from "her". My friends are saying i did a good job and a lot of girls started to notice me, but i cant forget my ex. I still love her more than anything that happened in my life and seeing with other boys drives me mad. My temper and patience changed in a negative way. I cant have a normal conversation with my friends where i dont get angry on something. My personality slowly falling apart and my family thinks i became an alcoholist.

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  • What did you get from that girl what you are missing so bad? Attention, safety, love, trust? We all look for things outside us, while those things are in you. But you aren't used to give it to yourself. Love yourself, give yourself attention etc. You dont need her. That she broke up with you means there are even better and nicer girls available for you. Focus on doing things with your friends. It all happend for a reason. 

  • Actually, deal with your problems as a human being. I know the feel and it took me a year to get over her. I also know the anger you feel when you see her with others... I know it's hard but you have to move on. Focus on other things in life. The dream girl you want (and no, it's not your ex) will come to you as you journey on your life and improve other parts. As you've done now, exercising. It seems it just isn't enough, so I suggest try something else too. Try to be with your friends, and try to handle your temper. If they're truly your friends, they'll understand and support you!

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