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After all I've been through -my dad nearly died of a heart attack and my mom nearly died of blood loss and cancer- I've become numb. Nothing bothers me anymore. People can break down crying in my arms and I wouldn't be able to react emotionally on that. All I can think of is "bitch be glad you're alive". Last night a guy I know fell on his head and was bleeding quite a bit and I didn't even flinch. Another guy who I look up to nearly broke down from drunkenness and stress and he asked me for my help and I couldn't care less and told him to suck it up. I used to be really kind and whenever anyone cried, I cried with them. Whenever anyone needed my help, I would jump through a flaming hoop for them. What's happened to me? Is this enough reason to see a therapist?

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  • that's so sad :'(

  • i am in the same boat..maybe it is time to speak with someone about it..maybe its just a coping mechanism we're employing for the time being..or maybe its here to stay..which would be sad..being numb to life is definitely not a good thing

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